Have you wondered how one goes about mastering this material reality? 

Over thousands of years mankind has observed the correlation of celestial movements with events on earth. From these observations and within the paradigm of the Hermetic maxim:

“As Above, So Below; As Within, so Without”

The science and art of Astrology was born. Astrology is a language and system that connects the events of our earthly material world with the ethereal dimensions of Time and Spirit.

Astrology being based upon the cycles of the planets allows us to look forward and backwards in time to gain insights into the events of the past that led to the present moment and assess future probabilities, so that we can make decisions that lead to favourable outcomes and assurance of success on this Earthly plane. 

Astrology shows us a new way to work with time

The real magic of astrology is how the standard linear time model of reality is altered and a new relationship with time is cultivated. Within the paradigm of astrology cyclic time and the eternal present moment become a new way of working with time.

Time becomes a malleable concept around which we can make decisions and create our desired reality. 

 Quantum Questioning Astrology employs the quantum understanding of time so that Magic can take place. In the quantum space time slows down such that it ceases to exist and the Present Moment becomes eternal. It is in this space of the Quantum Field that we can access real Magic. 


QUANTUM QUESTIONING Astrology is my offering that takes you into a shamanic liminal space and consciousness, where time can be stopped and reality can be created.

We shift into 5D consciousness, so that Time (4D) and Matter (3D) can be transcended and we are able to create the Magic that allows for the creation of a new desired reality. Through the process of Quantum Questioning Astrology we get to the root of your burning questions and align your Intention and Will so that Change can occur.

As your guide in this process I will assist you in getting clear as to what your deepest Soul Question is.

Once your Soul Question is clear and deeply aligned with your Will it creates a vibration of potential in the quantum field. The witnessing and observation of this Soul Question is akin to the observation of quantum phenomena whereby quantum probability collapses and reality changes. This process is Magic!