A Quantum Questioning Astrology session consists of thREe STEPS (see 1,2,3 below):

1. FREE Exploratory Call for Clarification of question and aligning desire with Will.

You are invited to book a FREE 30 minute video call with me , in order to get clarity on your what is your essential question.
Your question will not be answered during this session.
During this session I will also determine if Quantum Questioning Astrology is the appropriate methodology or whether a detailed Quantum Coaching Astrology session is more appropriate. We will unpack whether your true desire is in alignment with your Will. 



2. Observation and reflection of your question in the Stars.

Once we are clear on your question I will cast an astrological chart for the time the question is clearly understand and observed. It is through the process of being Witnessed and having your clear question observed that astrological magic takes place and  your question is reflected back in the stars. Your question is Observed; the Quantum probability resolves.
This chart will be analysed using tried and tested astrological methods that have been developed over 2000 years. I will get the answer back to you within 3 days. In order for me to continue with Step 2, I will require payment of $300. Please use the form below to book a further follow up session and make the payment. 

3. Elucidation of answer and creating Magical Intent.

After the answer to your question has been received, I offer an optional further call to discuss the details of the answer and guide you through a process of the Right Use of Will in order to assist in the manifestation of your intended desire.

Quantum Questioning Astrology session costs $300 USD